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Vasectomy bruising-A concern?

A common question after a vasectomy and as well microscopic vasectomy reversals is “What is the significance of skin bruising around the vasectomy site?” More importantly to the patient inquiring about this is, “Is anything wrong or does anything need to be done?”

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No scalpel vasectomy overview.

Thank you for your interest in our practice regarding a no scalpel vasectomy.  Dr. McHugh is Georgia’s most experienced board certified urologist performing both vasectomies and microscopic vasectomy reversals.

Although vasectomies can be performed most any day of the week, our most common day is Friday. Scheduling a vasectomy is usually not a problem, as Friday is reserved all most exclusively for performing vasectomies.  Dr. McHugh performs  between 20-30 vasectomy a month and has done thousands during his career.

We accept most insurances and your cost is based on the allowable for your particular plan. We will assist in you knowing that amount before the procedure.

Our all-inclusive price for self pay patients is $950.00. (Consultation and the procedure.) For self pay  patients preferring conscious sedation in our on site accredited surgery center, the all inclusive fee is $1200.00. This is done with a board certified anesthesiologist.

For patients who prefer conscious sedation, this is available on Thursdays. We have a board certified anesthesiologist, an accredited surgery center and can assure you a safe, pain free and anxiety free experience.

Here are a few informative links to review:

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After the Vasectomy bullet points

A Vasectomy in pictures-YouTube  (Over 3000 views on YouTube!)

Website Vasectomy Page

A member of our team will be reaching out to you to answer any questions you may have and to schedule, if you like, a vasectomy consultation.

Thank you! We look forward to participating in your care.

John McHugh

Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis
Dr. John McHugh is the best he is caring and will talk to you and comfort you through the procedure high highly recommend him and his staff are the best going out of their way to help you. Dr John McHugh has great experience whoever reads this please look him up he has over 25 years experience and does amazing work thank you again John McHugh
Spencer Hoffman
Spencer Hoffman
Staff and doctors are incredibly professional. Kind and understanding. Made me feel welcomed and ensured all my questions were answered. If you have a urological concern this is where you come to be seen!
Chris S
Chris S
Excellent staff and amazing Doc! Went out of their way to address my concerns and made me feel comfortable.
Aaron Ganulin
Aaron Ganulin
Carlton Hardison
Carlton Hardison
Very quick procedure. Truly 15 minutes as Dr. McHugh says. Less pain than the Covid-19 vaccination shot. I was thoroughly impressed!!
Cyndilyn Loudermilk
Cyndilyn Loudermilk
Doctors like Doctor McHugh and staff like he has in his office do not exist in today's world. I have literally never been treated with such a level of care and respect. I contacted Dr McHugh due to a problem my husband was having that could be very serious or could be pretty minor. When I reached out to the office Pam replied to my email within minutes and offered to get my husband in the next day. THE NEXT DAY! As it turns out the problem was quite minor and we were able to have our minds put at ease not much over 24 hours from my original contact with them. Here's where it gets AMAZING. Doctor McHugh's specialties are non surgical vasectomies and reversals, he doesn't actually do sort of general urology care any longer. Yet they not only took my husband's appointment but saw him the next day! My husband was treated with compassion and given clear concise information in one visit. I recently had an experience with another urologist in town where it took me over 5 months of testing, waiting weeks for appointments and worry to get information on my particular health issue. If you are in the market for Doctor McHugh's area of specialty do not hesitate make your appointment today. I guarantee you'll never find a better physician.
Brian Lacey
Brian Lacey
Dr. McHugh and his staff were very competent and made me feel comfortable before, during and after the procedure.
Zack Reuter
Zack Reuter
Dr. McHugh and his staff are top notch. I drove nearly an hour based on the excellent reviews, and it was worth the drive. The experience here was much more personal than the large group practice in Atlanta where I was initially referred by my primary care physician. Dr. McHugh took great care to make the “no scalpel” procedure nearly painless. Highly recommend!
Ben Souther
Ben Souther
Dr. McHugh was the best. Excellent bedside manner, super knowledgeable, and pain free.
Drew Dent
Drew Dent
McHugh is loads of fun. Really nice guy. Excellent staff. Easy, short, and (mostly) painless procedure. Great practice here.

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“You and your staff were wonderful! I love the relaxed and laid back atmosphere that y’all provided especially the Music! Definitely helped my anxiety. Thank you.”

Our procedure room is equipped with a Bose Bluetooth speaker synched with Amazon Prime Music, Pandora and Spotify. The music is an important part of making for as pleasant a vasectomy experience as possible.  That Dr. McHugh performs 25-30 vasectomies a month and 50-60 vasectomy reversals a year, helps also!


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Thank you!
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Brightest Vasectomy in the sky?

Most casual observers will think of the North Star as the brightest star, in fact it is Sirius. (The North Star is known for its dependable location in the sky, not its brightness.)

According to Greek mythology, Sirius was the dog of the hunter Orion, and the ancient Romans placed the star in the constellation Canis Major (Latin for “Greater Dog”). The Romans thus referred to the sweltering period when the rising of the sun and Sirius converged as the “dies caniculares” or “days of the dog star.”

By the 1500s, the English world began to call the same summertime point on the astronomical calendar as the “dog days.”

Check out our free eBook on: Everything you’d want to know about “the brightest” no scalpel vasectomy in Georgia.

Dr. McHugh is Georgia’s most experienced no scalpel and microscopic vasectomy reversal urologist. 

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Common vasectomy question: Where does the sperm go?

This was a post done at our practice website that addresses a very common question. Click here.

Now you know!!!

After the Vasectomy Bullet Points

You have had your vasectomy…here are some “after the procedure” instructions and a heads up on potential issues that are peculiar to  having a vasectomy.

  • The small opening at the midline of the upper strotum does not have a suture and will close on its own.  A thin film of Neosporin ointment daily is recommended. Any spotting/oozing is usually corrected with pressure to the incision site for 30 minutes.
  • You can shower the day after the procedure, but don’t let water hit the procedure site directly.
  • Ice to the scrotum after the procedure helps with swelling and with discomfort. (Lidocaine is used at the opening and along the course of the vas tubes so there is anesthesia for an hour or so after the procedure.)
  • You’ll be given something for pain, this is to be used in an “as needed fashion.” If you don’t have pain, don’t take it or use Advil or Aleve. Taking a half a pill is acceptable.
  • Try to be off your feet with the scrotum elevated strictly for the first 24 hours and then as much as possible for the next two days. Most patient who have the procedure on a Thursday or Friday take it easy over the weekend and return to work on Monday. If you have a strenuous job, you may want to gradually get back into your routine.
  • For the first week after the vasectomy, compression underwear to stabilize the scrotum and elevation of the scrotum with a rolled sheet when sitting can reduce any swelling.
  • No sexual activity for one week.
  • No unprotected sexual activity until we have evaluated two negative specimens. It takes approximately 25 ejaculations to clear the tube beyond the vasectomy site. (A couple can achieve pregnancy if there is unprotected sexual activity before the sperm has completely cleared.) We recommend evaluation of specimens as a rule at 6-8 weeks.  It is not about the time since the vasectomy, it is about the number of ejaculations.
  • Even though the opening is in the middle of the upper scrotum, the vasectomy sites are on the left and right underneath the skin. Discomfort, bruising or asymmetrical swelling is not uncommon, but should slowly improve over several days.
  • Each patient is given two specimen containers after the procedure and there are several options regarding checking the post-vasectomy specimen.  Dr. McHugh examines semen specimens with a microscope at no expense. (The best days for dropping off the specimen is Monday, Wednesday and Friday-but it best to call to be sure he is available to examine.) For out of town patients, specimens can be taken to a local hospital for a “post vasectomy” semen analysis (we can fax an order) or use online test kits such as
  • It is not unusual, maybe 5-10% of specimens, will have a rare sperm. This just means that more time/ejaculations are necessary to completely clear all of the sperm. We will require two consecutive completely negative evaluations.
  • There are no special instructions about the specimen. If you obtain the specimen in the morning and drop off later in the day, this is not a problem. We are not doing a formal count, only the presence of absence of sperm. We will call you back with the results that day.

Concerns you may have after the procedure-How to contact us.

  • If any issues arise that you have questions about, feel free to contact us using the form below.
  • We will be happy to speak to you (770) 535-0000 or if you feel it is necessary, we will arrange for an examination  in the office at no expense to you.
  • Our email: (Dr. McHugh replies on weekends!)
  • You also can utilize our text to email option. (You text your comment/concern and it comes immediately to our email.  We check our email numerous times a day and on weekends.)  The response comes back to you as a text. Here’s the number: 770-376-5616

Thank you for allowing us to participate in your care.

Vasectomy Reversal-Does the type of vasectomy done matter?

A common question asked is whether the reversal will be harder if clips were used or if the patient was told by the urologist “I took out a section and burned it.”

In the vast majority of cases this has no influence on the microscopic vasectomy procedure.

The procedure is harder if both sides of the vasectomy were done in the vas deferens closest to the testicle-the convoluted vas. This area is smaller in diameter and not straight (convoluted) and this makes the repair a little harder.

Whether clips or burned, there is not difference in how difficult the reversal will be. Having had clips makes the area of the vasectomy easier to locate.

The amount of vas tube removed is usually not an issue unless there is a very large segment removed and this is customarily not done.

Of note, if you have had two vasectomies done, this could be an issue. If you had a complication after the vasectomy, say a large hematoma or infection that had to resolve or be operated on, these may affect the repair. On all unusual issues, be sure to make the reversal doctor aware.


Instructions after the Vasectomy Reversal

Bullet points/instructions for the post vasectomy reversal operative period:

  • You can shower but for the first two to three days, don’t let water hit the operative site directly.
  • A thin layer of Neosporin over the suture sites daily is recommended.
  • A formal dressing is not required but one 4×4 gauze between underwear and the sutures may be more comfortable.
  • The sutures dissolve-but not all at the same time. Some separation of the skin in areas is not uncommon and resolves.
  • The feeling of a “lump” under the skin above either testicle is not uncommon, this is where the body is reacting to the surgical procedure. (It is not uncommon to have this on one side but not the other.)
  • Compression underwear for three weeks. (This is preferred to the traditional “jock strap.”)
  • No sexual activity for three weeks. Slowly returning to your normal exercise at that time can resume as well.
  • The more you can be off your feet the first week following the procedure the less swelling you will have. Some bruising of the skin around the suture sites is common.
  • Patients can walk and even drive if necessary after 5 days if wearing compression underwear and being careful. Again, the more you are off your feet the better.
  • The testicles begin producing normal sperm again in 4-6 months, depending on the length of time from the vasectomy. (The longer the interval from the vasectomy, the slower return to sperm production.)
  • If you desire to have an evaluation of a semen specimen to check for the presence of sperm, one would wait until the 4-6 month period after the reversal. The presence of sperm is a very good sign, however it is not unusual for a longer interval is required for the return of sperm.  A specimen can be given to our office and can be quickly evaluated for the presence of sperm. If a formal semen analysis is desired which provides an actual count of sperm, an order can be placed to your local hospital negating having to travel to Gainesville.
  • If pregnancy occurs, it is usually in the 6-18 month time frame.
  • If pregnancy occurs…we’d appreciate a picture.
  • Finally…we appreciate the opportunity to participate in your care.
Georgia’s most experienced No Scalpel Vasectomy and Microscopic Vasectomy Reversal urologist.  

Vasectomies? We do a boatload of them!

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