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After asking about cost, the most common question which the couple seeking infomation about a vas reversal  is, ” What is the success rate?” This question is tricky and the answer is, ” Well it depends.” When one inquires about success there are several factors to take into account and the particulars of each will vary from patient to patient. There are three primary factors that are important in the success of a vas reversal. In addition to these factors one must also remember that there are variables that pertain to the female. In other words, if everything has been done right and the male’s factors are maximized, there is still the possibility that there may be an issue of the female that will thwart pregancy.

The three factors that must be understood by the couple having a vas reversal are: The number of years since the vasectomy was performed, patency (are there sperm  in the ejaculate after the reversal), and achieving pregancy. In general the closer you are to having had a vasectomy the better your chances of patency and pregnancy.
Vasectomy Reversal Success Rate:

Less than 3 years  Patency 97% Pregnancy 76%

3-8 years             Patency 88% Pregnancy 53%

9-14 years           Patency 79% Pregancy 44%

Greater than 15 years Patency 71% Pregancy 30%

Belker AM, et al. Results of 1,469 microsurgical vasectomy reversals by the Vasovasostomy Study Group. Journal of Urology 1991; 145(3):505-11.

So you see the answer to the question, ” What is the success rate?” is a complicated one. If the male after a vas reversal has sperm in his ejaculate, that does not necessarily mean that the couple will achieve pregnancy. The time it takes for sperm to regain its former motility varies as well. Then of course as a backdrop to all of these issues are the normal impediments to pregnancy that all couples face. This is why in the chart above you see the desparity between patent and pregnant.

Our office will be happy to schedule a free consultation in order to discuss other issues. Doing the procedure in our ambulatory surgery center not only makes it more convenient than having it done at a hospital, it dramatically reduces the cost.

Finally, if you live outside of the north Georgia area and prefer not to travel after the procedure, we will happily provide accommodations for you at a nearby hotel. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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