Ga Vasectomy Reversal | What is a sperm granuloma and why is it a good sign during a vasectomy reversal?

A sperm granuloma? It’s good thing for a vasectomy reversal.


Ga Vasectomy Reversal: The above picture shows the vas deferens isolated and one can see the clips and a small area of swelling of the vasectomy site. If there is swelling here, a sperm granuloma, then the potential for success is higher. A sperm granuloma is a “pop-off” valve of sorts and protects the sperm producing process of the testicle. 

The presence of a sperm granuloma explains why a patient 10 years out from a vasectomy might have a better chance than a patient 5 years out who doesn’t have one. This is a random occurrence and can’t be predicted who or who will not have a sperm granuloma. They are only beneficial for the vasectomy patient who is to have a reversal. 

vasectomy reversal baby

Vasectomy Reversal Success! Thirty years or so after a vasectomy. A sperm granuloma probably helped.

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