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Atlanta, Ga. Vasectomy Reversal Cost

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Atlanta Vasectomy Reversal Cost…The sweet spot: Physician owned and accredited facility, best all inclusive price and experience.

Microscopic vasectomy reversals are not covered by insurance, as a result prices can vary dramatically. Certainly the experience and skill of the surgeon is important and has a value, however the price is often influenced significantly by where the procedure is performed and the type of anesthesia utilized. Let me explain.

The cost of vasectomy reversal depends in large part on the location where the procedure is done and on the type of anesthesia given.

Lowest cost vasectomy reversal scenario: Non accredited facility/Local anesthesia.

In this scenario of a vasectomy reversal, the surgeon, regardless of the degree of experience, uses an office setting outfitted for surgical procedures. Magnifying glasses called Loupes or an operating microscope are utilized. The anesthesia is oral medications, and local anesthesia. The patient is awake and aware. The facility is not accredited for general anesthesia. Not having to pay the fees associated with having an accredited facility equipped for general anesthesia or a certified anesthesiologist allow the procedure to be done at the lowest cost.

Middle cost vasectomy reversal scenario: Non accredited facility/Conscious sedation:

Here again the procedure is performed as above in an upgraded office setting and conscious sedation is given for pain control. As a result this aids in keeping the patient still. A pre-procedure oral medication is given, local anesthesia is used (Lidocaine to the scrotal and vas deferns) and I.V. medicine complements the anesthesia. The patient is not having general anesthesia and can respond to questions, as a result the facility does not have to have general anesthesia accreditation. (If the I.V. sedation is given by a certified anesthesiologist (M.D. or C.N.R.A.) this improves the safety of the 2-3 hour procedure but then adds to the cost. I.V. medicines requires monitoring, ideally administered by an anesthesiologist. The supplies and medications used adds to the cost.

Middle cost vasectomy reversal scenario: Accredited and Practiced owned surgery center/ Conscious sedation or General anesthesia.

This is the scenario at Northeast Georgia Urological Associates. The best of all scenarios. Why? The facility is state licensed and accredited for conscious sedation or general anesthesia. The facility is practice owned and on site. (You don’t have to go to a hospital or a ambulatory surgery center at another site and with equipment and staff that the surgeon can’t control.) The safety and options are dramatically better than the “outfitted office” setting, and the cost is dramatically less than a hospital. This scenario is the best of both worlds in providing a hospital level oversight while keeping the all inclusive acceptable.

Highest cost vasectomy reversal scenario: An operating room in a hospital is used:

If the vasectomy reversal doctor is affiliated with a hospital and performs the procedure there, the expenses go up dramatically. The fees are often times are more about paying the hospital than for the expertise of the physician performing the reversal. If the doctor doesn’t do reversals often and you are paying more for the facility in which it is performed, as a result you lose two ways. You are paying for a more expensive location and for the less experienced reversal physician.

The Sweet Spot?

  • Board Certified Urologist
  • Reversal Experience (Hundreds performed)
  • On site, Accredited/State licensed and Physician owned facility.
  • Experienced staff- R.N.s and Certified anesthesia.
  • Best all-inclusive price in Georgia.
  • The “Reversal Sweet Spot”- Experience, Accredited Facility, General Anesthesia and The best “apples to apples” all-inclusive price.

Middle cost scenario/Accredited facility owned by the reversal urologist: This is our scenario. Our facility is accredited by the State and AAAASF. As a result, we are licensed to provide general an)esthesia and are yearly evaluated by the accrediting agency to assure safety and all of the oversight you’d expect from a hospital. Our facility has a generator, special heating and air, a recovery room, certified anesthesia and registered nurses. This comes with an expense to our practice but allows accredited care. We are in the what I like to refer to as the “sweet spot.” The patient has the benefits of a hospital, but not the costs. As well, there is the convenience of having your procedure in a facility that is on site and I own. (The instrumentation, the nurses, the operating room is geared for reversals. This is opposed to having to be scheduled for your surgery at an off site surgery center with instrumentation and nurses, over which the physician has no control.)