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Is it worth driving from Atlanta to Gainesville for a vasectomy? You bet!

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Atlanta to Gainesville Vasectomy : No Pain – More Gain!!! 

  • Fair Self Pay Pricing.
  • Pre-Vasectomy medication for pain and anxiety.
  • Dr. McHugh is one of Georgia’s most experienced urologists performing vasectomies and microscopic vasectomy reversals.
  • Enhanced Nitrous or Conscious sedation in our Ambulatory Surgery Center with an anesthesiologist- i.e No Pain/No Anxiousness/A pleasant procedure!
  • In most cases (whether you have insurance or not) the cost is the same as if you had a vasectomy in an office setting. 
  • How is it the same price? We waive the facility fees for vasectomies.
  • This means-No Pain – To you or…your pocketbook.
  • Oh yeah… Dr. McHugh’s free Ebook on Vasectomy-Click here.
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Anesthesia in an accredited surgery center, no pain vasectomy, essentially the same price as in an office, and 30 years of experience makes the decision to drive 45 minutes to Gainesville for a vasectomy…a no brainer.

Contact us or use the form below to make an appointment 24/7. A pre-vasectomy consultation is preferred, however to make the Atlanta to Gainesville vasectomy even easier, ask about the same day consult/vasectomy option with our vasectomy coordinator.

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