Most common reasons to “regret” a vasectomy.

From Family Practice Notebook

Risk factors: Regretting Vasectomy

  1. Age under 30 years (12.5 times more likely to request vasectomy reversal)
  2. Few children (but men with no children are less likely to request reversal)
  3. Relationship not stable
  4. Religious affiliation prohibiting vasectomy
  5. Pressure from partner to have procedure
  6. vasectomy performed during time of personal crisis
  7. Lack of discussion with partner regarding vasectomy
  8. Hope vasectomy will solve sexual and marital problems
  9. High interest regarding reversibility issues
    1. Vasectomy Reversal
    2. Sperm banking

In my experience the male does not regret having a vasectomy-he wants to have it reversed because something has changed in his life.

The most common reason for a reversal is divorce and remarrying a younger female with no children. The second most common reason is that a couple with children desire more.

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