Most common reason for a vasectomy reversal?

Obviously there are a lot of reasons for a man choosing to reverse a vasectomy. The two most common reasons are:

  • The male is divorced, has had children and a vasectomy. He then remarries a younger woman who has not had children and wants to have children. Often times the discussion regarding the male undergoing the inconvenience and expense of a reversal¬† and his willingness to have it done, occurs before the couple is married.
  • A couple with several children decide after vasectomy they’d like to have more children. Interesting enough, in my practice, this reason for having a reversal is increasing.

Regardless of the reason we at Northeast Georgia Urological Associates look forward to helping you with a new addition to your family.

As a side note, the other day a patient told us that another doctor could tell him what he’d charge for a reversal but could not tell him what the hospital would be charging. In fact, the doctor told the patient to call the hospital to find out the costs. Because we own our Surgery Center we will be able to tell you exactly what the total cost will be and because we don’t use a hospital our costs are lower than most reversal centers.


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