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Lavonia Laughing Gas Nitrous Vasectomy | John McHugh M.D.

Pain and Anxiety Free | Nitrous Oxide Vasectomy

Lavonia Laughing Gas Nitrous Vasectomy : Thank you for your interest in our practice regarding a no scalpel vasectomy.

Dr. McHugh is Georgia’s most experienced board certified urologist performing both the no scalpel vasectomy and microscopic vasectomy reversals. In addition, our urological surgery center is accredited, on site and practice owned.

Laughing Gas (Nitrous Oxide) Vasectomy|The McHugh Difference!

  • Accredited Surgery Center safety at a fraction of the cost of a hospital.
  • Certified anesthesia administered.
  • Higher Nitrous Oxide concentration than self administered forms offered in an office setting.
  • Monitored by C.R.N.A. for maximium control of pain and anxiousness.
  • An I.V. is not necessary.
  • Quick acting and requires almost no recovery.
  • Pleasant for the patient and helps the doctor perform the procedure.
  • It makes a potentially anxious and painful procedure a pleaseant experience.

Is a vasectomy painful? It doesn’t have to be!

Lavonia Laughing Gas Nitrous Vasectomy: Now offering affordable and targeted vasectomy anesthesia. Watch video to learn more.

Scheduling a Vasectomy:

Lavonia Laughing Gas Nitrous Vasectomy : Vasectomies are performed Wednesdays, Thursadays and Fridays. Our most common days are Thursday (anesthesia or nitrous) and Friday (oral sedation and local anesthesia.) Therefore, scheduling a vasectomy convenient to your schedule is usually not a problem.

Thursday and Friday are reserved all most exclusively for performing vasectomies. Significantly, Dr. McHugh performs between 20-40 vasectomies a month and has done thousands during his thirty year career in Northeast Georgia.

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No Scalpel Vasectomy Using Insurance:

We accept most insurances and your cost is based on the allowable for your particular plan. We will assist in you estimating that amount before the procedure. Options re: anesthesia and nitrous are available at acceptable rates and can be discussed during the consultation as well.

Self-Pay Vasectomy-Not using insurance:

Our no scalpel vasectomy all-inclusive price for self pay patients is $950.00. (Consultation and the procedure.) For self pay  patients preferring conscious sedation in our on site accredited surgery center, the all inclusive fee is $1300.00. This is facilitated by a certified anesthesiologist and is included in the fee.

For patients who prefer Nitrous Gas (No I.V) or conscious sedation, this is available on Thursdays. We have a certified anesthesiologist, an accredited surgery center and can assure you a safe, pain free and anxiety free experience.

American Board of Urology Certification

Dr. McHugh is an American Board of Urology Certified Urologist.

eBook on no scalpel vasectomy

Vasectomy eBook by Dr. McHugh

After the Vasectomy bullet points

A Vasectomy in pictures-YouTube  (Over 4000 views on YouTube!)

A Vasectomy in pictures-Website.

Website Vasectomy Page

Options for anesthesia-A white board animation.

Vasectomy patient with nurse

Contact Us:

Call (770-535-0000), email: or complete the contact form below and a member of our team will be reaching out to you to answer any questions you may have and to schedule, if you’d like, a vasectomy consultation.

Thank you! We look forward to participating in your care.

John McHugh

20-40 Vasectomies done per month, hundreds performed yearly, and thousands completed over a thirty year urological career in Northeast Ga.

Matt Babcock
Matt Babcock
As someone who battles anxiety (especially around medical stuff), the idea of a vasectomy was unpleasant to say the least. At my initial consult, Dr. McHugh addressed my anxiety immediately and reassured me with a very clear picture of what to expect as well as options to ease my nerves on the day of the procedure. I ended up electing to receive nitrous (laughing gas) in addition to some anxiety medication to take prior to arriving. From the moment I walked in the door on the day of, the staff were beyond friendly, caring, and efficient. They even let me select music to listen to during the procedure. It was evident that Dr. McHugh and his staff genuinely cared about me and making the procedure as comfortable as possible according to my specific needs. It could not have been a better experience!
Bobby Tate
Bobby Tate
Great experience with Dr.McHugh and staff perfectly orchestrated from initial consultation to procedure. Highly recommend.
Alex Torres
Alex Torres
Staff and procedure went effortless
The Energy Hero
The Energy Hero
The best doctor for vasectomy in the business! Dr McHugh and his team made this process comfortable from start to finish. They are very caring and professional. I would highly recommend this office when you decide to get the snip snip.
jamie carver
jamie carver
Great experience from beginning to end.
Jason Sutton
Jason Sutton
Amazing and professional staff. They provided a lot of information regarding the procedure and recovery. No surprises beforehand or afterwards. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a vasectomy.
todd marcum
todd marcum
Simply amazing, very professional ,friendly and sincere.The procedure was painless and very fast.Thank you for an awesome experience.
Cody Garrison
Cody Garrison
Would definitely recommend to anyone needing a vasectomy or vasectomy reversal. Dr. McHugh and his staff are very professional and take the utmost care of their patients. After my surgery I was contacted twice by Dr. McHugh’s office just checking in on me. I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to have more children, and I look forward to sharing pictures of a successful vasectomy reversal.
Jason Walton
Jason Walton
My experience was great, every step was quick and easy. The entire staff was very friendly and helpful, made the process much smoother. I would definitely recommend anyone considering a vasectomy to chose to go here.
Shawn Zagarella
Shawn Zagarella
I give the whole experience a 10/10. Everything from start to finish was excellent, and the whole staff is comforting. I wouldn't recommend anyone else other than Dr. McHugh and his team.
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