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Dr. McHugh No Scalpel Vasectomy Overview

No Scalpel Vasectomy:

Dacula, Ga No Scalpel Vasectomy: Thank you for your interest in our practice regarding a no scalpel vasectomy. Dr. McHugh is Georgia’s most experienced board certified urologist performing both the no scalpel vasectomy and microscopic vasectomy reversals. In addition, our urological surgery center is accredited, on site and practice owned.

No Scalpel Vasectomy: Now offering affordable and targeted vasectomy anesthesia. Watch video to learn more.


Dacula, Ga no scalpel vasectomy patients can have a vasectomy performed most any day of the week, our most common days are Thursday (anesthesia or nitrous) and Friday (oral sedation and local anesthesia.) Therefore, scheduling a vasectomy convenient to your schedule is usually not a problem as Thursday and Friday are reserved all most exclusively for performing vasectomies. Significantly, Dr. McHugh performs between 20-40 vasectomies a month and has done thousands during his career.

No Scalpel Vasectomy Using Insurance:

We accept most insurances and your cost is based on the allowable for your particular plan. We will assist in you estimating that amount before the procedure. Options re: anesthesia and nitrous are available at acceptable rates and can be discussed during the consultation as well.

Self-Pay-Not using insurance:

Our no scalpel vasectomy all-inclusive price for self pay patients is $950.00. (Consultation and the procedure.) For self pay  patients preferring conscious sedation in our on site accredited surgery center, the all inclusive fee is $1300.00. This is facilitated by a certified anesthesiologist and is included in the fee.

For patients who prefer non I.V. Nitrous Gas or conscious sedation, this is available on Thursdays. We have a certified anesthesiologist, an accredited surgery center and can assure you a safe, pain free and anxiety free experience.

eBook on no scalpel vasectomy

Vasectomy eBook by Dr. McHugh

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A Vasectomy in pictures-YouTube  (Over 4000 views on YouTube!)

A Vasectomy in pictures-Website.

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Call (770-535-0000), email: or complete the contact form below and a member of our team will be reaching out to you to answer any questions you may have and to schedule, if you’d like, a vasectomy consultation.

Thank you! We look forward to participating in your care.

John McHugh

20-40 Vasectomies done per month, hundreds performed yearly, and thousands completed over a thirty year urological career in Northeast Ga.

Mike McGinnis
Mike McGinnis
I can’t say enough great things about this place! 100% make sure you choose the nitrous oxide to help. Truly painless and the nitrous oxide put me at a level of peace I had never felt before. Thanks for everything!
Michael Berliner
Michael Berliner
If you’re looking for a vasectomy, look no further. There is a reason for all the five star reviews. Dr. McHugh and his team were as good as you could ask for. Very professional and took excellent care of me. 10/10 experience for something that has the potential to be very stressful.
Andrew Simmons
Andrew Simmons
Highly recommend Dr. McHugh. He was very thorough on explaining the procedure. His team was also very transparent on my options of paying for the procedure and what they would be.
Seth Willoughby
Seth Willoughby
Really glad I stumbled upon Dr.Mchugh. I have chosen him for my vasectomy.I 100% would recommend him to the highest degree for any of your urology needs.
Brianna Redding
Brianna Redding
After 5 years of having a vasectomy. My husband and I wanted to give our daughter a sibling. We drove 2 hours to have Dr. McHugh and his team give us a chance at growing our family again. They were informative and the overall surgery was handled smoothly leaving us with high hopes. 7 months later and we were expecting our second daughter. We cannot thank the practice enough and highly recommend them.
JT Mc Dowell
JT Mc Dowell
Dr was awesome, staff was all amazingly positive and easy going which made the entire experience a breeze. Even had Slipknot jamming in the room for me during the procedure which was so quick. 10/10 I would recommend anybody to them for their vasectomy needs.
Jordan Voss
Jordan Voss
I had a great experience getting my reversal done here. The whole team was great and worked with me to make me feel as comfortable as possible. Dr. McHugh is very personable and is one of the most experienced doctors in the area so it was an easy choice. I would recommend to anyone who wants a vasectomy or reversal done.
Matt Dyer
Matt Dyer
Dr. McHugh and his team were great, any questions that may be brought up he had an answer to. I would recommend Dr. McHugh to everyone.
Dylan McClellan
Dylan McClellan
Dr. John McHugh and staff were so friendly and made the whole process super simple and smooth. I will be recommending all of my friends interested in a vasectomy to come straight to him and his team. Don’t hesitate to call them first
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