Reginald P.

Back in July 2010, we welcomed our fifth child into our family. At that time, I made the decision to have a vasectomy about 6 months after her birth. My wife was accepting, but was not in total agreement. In 2012, we both agreed that The Lord was not yet done growing our family. Confident that this was the best decision for our family, we began to research physicians who could perform the vasectomy reversal. After extensive research, we found that the technique performed by Dr. McHugh was the best fit for us. It was the least invasive, and offered the fastest recovery. Dr. McHugh & his team delivered a high caliber of service & comfort for me, & I am extremely thankful for his practice.

Naomi Aria Polk was born May 18th 2013, just 12 months after having my surgery, & we couldn’t be happier with our newest addition!  Reginald