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Vasectomy Reversal New Arrival!

Vasectomy Reversal Baby Success

Vasectomy Reversal Success! From our entire team at Georgia Vasectomy Reversal-Our sincerest congratulations. Thanks for stopping by and allowing us to share in your blessing…on your way home from the hospital!

Dr. McHugh with vasectomy reversal success baby
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Our chances for conceiving were less than 50% and we just had our daughter a month before the one year mark from surgery. We are so thankful for Dr. McHugh’s talents and the whole experience.

Leanna T. – September 24, 2020.

The path to pregnancy is not always straightforward.

I had a vasectomy preformed by Dr. McHugh in 2011. My experience was very pleasant all things considered. When I met my wife in 2015 we decide to have a child together. So in January of 2017 I met with Dr. McHugh again and we scheduled my reversal. It was a success and my wife became pregnant in April. Unfortunately she miscarried in July. We tried again later in 2017 with no success. We prayed about our situation and felt that if god wanted us to have a child it would happen on his time frame not our’s. Well after a year of waiting trying and praying we were introduced to a reproduction specialist. We had multiple test ran and the conclusion was that I had scar tissue occlude my vas tube. Well we knew then that Dr. McHugh was the man we would trust to fix my issue. So we scheduled my second reversal procedure in March of 2019. My wife and I are happy to announce that we are now expecting in March of 2020. This wouldn’t be possible without Dr. McHugh and his amazing staff! Thank y’all!

Loganville, Ga.

Oct 06, 2017
Postive experience! He (Dr. McHugh) is NOT at a conglomerate that shuffles him to multiple locations. He was professional and knowledgeable. He hit curve balls in the consultation like an MLB star. I will pay him my hard earned money and recommend  him to whomever may need his type of services.

Pendergrass, Ga.

Pendergrass, GA | Dec 08, 2017
This was my first appointment with Dr. McHugh regarding a testicular cyst. I was immediately impressed with the organized but relaxed and friendly tone of the office. Dr. McHugh was thorough in his examination and took the time to explain the medical jargon and answer all my questions as well as those of my wife. His personality made us feel at ease. I feel confidence in his management of this medical condition and would highly recommend him to family and friends.

Thanks for the Thanks

“Dr. McHugh and his staff did a wonderful job of making the vasectomy my husband had painless and stress free. Our experience could not have been more positive. My husband was told up front what to expect and Dr McHugh explained everything as he went. The fact that he has so many years of experience did also help to make us both more comfortable. My husband asked questions ahead of time and from friends that previously had the procedure. He felt confident going in and completely comfortable during the procedure. Highly recommend them.”