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Dahlonega Painless Nitrous Vasectomy | John McHugh M.D.

Dahlonega Painless Nitrous Vasectomy : Affordable and Targeted No Scalpel Vasectomy

John C. McHugh M.D.

Dahlonega , GA no scalpel vasectomy: Dr. McHugh is Georgia’s most experienced no scalpel vasectomy and microscopic vasectomy reversal urologist. Procedures are performed on site in our practice owned and accredited urological surgery center.

Dahlonega, Georgia No Scalpel Vasectomy: Dr. McHugh has performed several thousand vasectomies over career in Northeast Georgia. We utilize the No Scalpel technique and whether we perform your procedure in our office with oral and local sedation or general anesthesia in our Surgery Center you can rest assured we will do everything we can to make your procedure pain free.

Painless Nitrous No scalpel vasectomy: Introducing “Affordable and Targeted Vasectomy Anesthesia.” This is enhanced nitrous administered by a certified anesthesiologist. It is monitored and given at a higher concentration than that given in an office setting.

Watch the video to learn more. Dr. McHugh will then discuss with you which level of anesthesia suits you best during your consultation. The goal? Nitrous No Pain, No anxiety!

Dahlonega, Georgia No Scalpel Vasectomy: At your pre vasectomy consultation we will discuss your particular level of anxiety, as a result we can then match you to the right anesthesia. This facilitates as pain free experience as possible at an affordable cost.


“Dr. McHugh and his staff are top notch. I drove nearly an hour based on the excellent reviews, and it was worth the drive. The experience here was much more personal than the large group practice in Atlanta where I was initially referred by my primary care physician. Dr. McHugh took great care to make the “no scalpel” procedure nearly painless. Highly recommend!”

Atlanta, Ga.
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No Scalpel Vasectomy Overview

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Georgia No Scalpel Vasectomy: A vasectomy is a common surgical procedure performed in our office for men looking for permanent birth control. In this procedure, a portion of the duct that carries sperm is removed. Every year more than one-half million men in the United States have this minor surgery. Vasectomy is safe, highly effective, and has no impact on erection or sexual performance.

A scalpel free vasectomy is not very different from a routine vasectomy. In a scalpel-free vasectomy, the skin is opened using a razor-sharp clamp rather than a surgical blade. A length of each sperm duct is still removed, but the incision smaller.

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The No Scalpel Vasectomy Procedure Performed by Dr. McHugh Explained through Pictures in a YouTube Video!

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The Male Reproductive System

Sperm are produced in the testicles. Sperm ducts then carry the sperm to mix with fluids from the seminal vesicle and the prostate to form semen. The semen passes through the urethra and is ejaculated during sexual intercourse.

A Vasectomy prevents sperm from mixing with semen by blocking both sperm ducts. Sperm continue to be produced in the testicles. The sperm, however, make it only as far as the new point of blockage in the sperm duct. At this point, the sperm is reabsorbed. As a result, there are no sperm in the semen that is ejaculated at the time of intercourse.

How will my vasectomy affect me?

The prostate and seminal vesicles continue to produce fluids that are ejaculated. In fact, the amount of fluid ejaculated decreases only about 5% after a vasectomy. In terms of sexual performance, vasectomy has no negative effects—erection and male hormone levels remain the same.

What are the benefits of a vasectomy?

The prostate and seminal vesicles continue to produce fluids that are ejaculated. In fact, the amount of fluid ejaculated decreases only about 5% after a vasectomy. In
terms of sexual performance, vasectomy has no negative effects—erection and male hormone levels remain the same.

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Are there any complications?

There are no known long-term complications after a vasectomy. About 60%-70% of men develop anti-sperm antibodies in their blood, which is a harmless allergy to your own sperm. There is no evidence that these antibodies have a major effect on other organ systems.

How should I prepare for a  vasectomy?

A vasectomy is usually performed in our office or in our surgery center on an outpatient basis. Since you will receive a local anesthetic and most likely some medication to help you relax, we will require that you arrange to have someone drive you home afterward. You may also be asked to bring an athletic supporter with you.

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How long does it take?

A vasectomy only takes about 15-30 minutes. First, a local anesthetic will be applied to your scrotal area. You may also be given a mild sedative to help you relax. Then either one or two small incisions (cuts) are made in the scrotum. These incisions are so small that stitches may not be needed. If stitches are used, they will dissolve by themselves.

After making the incisions, the doctor will cut the sperm ducts, removing about one-half inch to one inch of each duct. This is done to reduce the possibility of the sperm ducts rejoining.

How will I feel after the procedure?

The most common side effects of vasectomy are minor bleeding (enough to stain the bandage), some discomfort, and mild swelling in the area of the incision.  These are not unusual and should stop within 72 hours.  Occasionally, the skin of the scrotum and base of the penis turn black and blue. This lasts only a few days, and will disappear without treatment.

The most commonly reported complication is mild discomfort in the testicles that usually improves with medication, warm soaks, and by elevating the scrotum. Infrequently, a patient may experience pain around the testicles up to 20 years after the vasectomy. This is a harmless reaction and usually responds to heat and medication.

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Very rarely, a small blood vessel may enter the scrotum and form a clot. A small clot will probably dissolve after time, but a large one can be painful and usually requires reopening of the scrotum for drainage. This procedure will require hospitalization and usually a general anesthetic.

Will I miss any days at work?

Most men return to work after 2 days. Some men choose to recuperate over a weekend so they don’t miss any work. Your doctor will tell you to avoid strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for the first 3 days after your vasectomy.

Is the procedure always successful?

Semen is sperm-free in almost all men following a vasectomy. Of every 1000 men who have a vasectomy, less than 2 continue to have sperm in their semen. It is very rare for the sperm ducts not to seal completely. In the event that they do not, you may need a second vasectomy.

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When will I be able to return to sexual activity?

You should postpone sexual activity for 72 hours. Because sperm can survive for 6 months or more, you will be asked to bring two specimens of ejaculate for examination under a microscope to your follow-up visit. Unprotected intercourse should not take place until sterility is assured, so continue to use some form of birth control. We suggest a minimum of 20 ejaculations before the first semen analysis six-weeks following your procedure. We also recommend that a second analysis eight-weeks following your procedure to assure the absence of sperm before you resume unprotected intercourse.

Will masculinity be affected?

No. Vasectomy is not the same thing as castration, and sterility does not mean impotence. The hormones that affect masculinity (growth of facial hair, having a deep voice, sex drive) are still made in the testicles after a vasectomy. These hormones will continue to flow throughout the body in the bloodstream.

Vasectomy Reversal-What if I change my mind?

A vasectomy should be considered to be a permanent procedure. It is not for men who plan to have children in the future. However, if a couple’s situation changes, it is possible to reverse this procedure.
We do perform vasectomy reversals in our surgical facility.  If interested in a microscopic vasectomy reversal, Dr. McHugh is one of the most experienced reversal urologists in Georgia. Call us at 770-535-0000 or use the contact form to schedule your free reversal consultation. Visit Dr. McHugh’s reversal website Gavasectomyreversal.com

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“I was very pleased with the entire process. Dr. McHugh fully educated me on the vasectomy and then performed the procedure perfectly. He made the entire experience easy and painless.”

-W.W. Gainesvile, Ga.

Considering a vasectomy? You can ask a question here or schedule a consultation for a no scalpel vasectomy 24/7. We have fair self-pay pricing, options for patients with high deductibles, in office local anesthesia with oral pre-medication, and for the patient who prefers it, Nitrous gas or I.V. general anesthesia in our accredited ambulatory urological surgery center.

Vasectomy Contact Form: Try it, we will respond promptly…even on weekends!

Tyler Mathis
Tyler Mathis
Dr. McHugh is an absolute professional. I had a consultation with a different practice last year and was basically told horror stories afterwards. Dr. McHugh made me feel 100% confident with his knowledge and ability to answer my questions and concerns thoroughly. During the procedure, Dr. McHugh and his staff had the best bedside manner. They made sure I was still confident in our decision and made sure I was comfortable. I would recommend Dr. McHugh’s practice to any and all my peers looking to move forward with the snip.
Brian Etress
Brian Etress
The Dr and staff are absolutely the best ever. Made an otherwise uncomfortable situation very comfortable and the level of caring for the individual is unsurpassable. Actually now feel like I have an extended family.
Casey Demore
Casey Demore
Great Experience! Everything went great! Highly recommend!
anthony schinina
anthony schinina
Just had my surgery last week so time will tell of its success. I did want to give thanks to Dr Mchugh for being so helpful and kind before my surgery. I also want to thank nurses Daphne, Becky, and Melanie for taking such good care of me pre and post op. This is my second reversal because my first one (done by another doctor) failed. If I could go back I would have come here first. I highly recommend coming to see Dr McHugh and his staff if you are considering a reversal. Thanks guys!
Alex Matthews
Alex Matthews
Great staff! Super helpful and friendly.
ricardo perez jr
ricardo perez jr
Overall the best experience possible for a vasectomy. The staff is great and caring.
Sid Smithson
Sid Smithson
Pre-op was Top notch service! Customer Service was great! No complaints and the best 15 minutes of anesthesia I’ve had in a while🤪😁
Chris Hansel
Chris Hansel
Great experience and service! I was a little apprehensive to get my vasectomy, but after the professionalism and great team they have I realized I had nothing to worry about. The communication in the time leading up to, as well as follow up was fantastic. Very informative and willing to answer any questions or concerns I might have. The procedure was extremely fast and painless for me and I would highly recommend this team to anyone looking to have this done! Thanks to everyone who made my experience great!
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