About Dr. McHugh


Dr. McHugh has practiced in Gainesville, Georgia for over 30 years. He performs the microscopic vasectomy reversal using a Zeiss operating microscope with microscopic instruments and suture, in his practice owned and accredited urological surgery center with anesthesia provided by board certified anesthesiologists. Dr. McHugh is one of Georgia’s busiest and most experienced urological micro-surgeons having performed over 300 vasectomy reversals. His interest include writing, history, hiking, dogs, and anything related to being around water.


Since having opened our ambulatory surgery center we have performed over 300 vasectomy reversals.

“Performing vasectomy reversals has become for me the most enjoyable and gratifying procedure I perform.”

Dr. McHugh has authored several books one of which “The Decision-Your prostate biopsy shows cancer. Now what?” has been in the top ten for the subject of prostate cancer on Amazon since 2010.

Visit his author page on Amazon by clicking here.

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“If you are considering a vasectomy reversal, Dr. McHugh is the one you should see. We HIGHLY recommend him! Thank you so much again to him and all of his staff. INCREDIBLE!”
Marly and Robert

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Helping couples achieve the new addition to their lives with microscopic vasectomy reversal.

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