Only a few urologists in Georgia perform microscopic vasectomy reversals. Why is that?

Northeast Georgia Urological Associates

It is very difficult to sew microscopic suture the size of a strand of hair to connect an opening the size of the “O” in God on a penny looking through a magnifying operating microscope. 12-15 sutures are placed on each side to complete the procedure.

It takes experience, patience, and having a “knack for it” to perform this procedure it in a time efficient and successful fashion.

The video shows the completion of one of 12-15 sutures necessary to complete one side.

Note the fluidity of completing the knot and the lack of  wasted motion. This takes years of experience.

At Northeast Georgia Urological Associates we perform on a regular basis (50 a year) reversals in our accredited surgery center. You can call, email or text to arrange a free in office or by phone consultation. We will respond promptly and look forward to speaking with you.

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Popular vasectomy reversal question: Does easy pregnancy before vasectomy mean quick pregnancy after reversal?

sandras grandson

It doesn’t hurt…but probably this is not a top tier factor in success. More important is the experience of your surgeon and the period of time that has passed since the vasectomy. The sooner a reversal is done after a vasectomy the better. Also, if one feels a knot in the area of the vasectomy site on each side, this is positive predictor of increased success. This is called a sperm granuloma and acts as a pop-off valve of sorts and protects the sperm making ability of the testicle.

As with everything in life…a little luck is always helpful!